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Innovagen Depoviron – (Test Cypionate) 250mg/mL (5mL)


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Innovagen Depoviron is known as a Testosterone Cypionate Injection. It is a testosterone synthetic form (the androgen hormone), and it has passed a 17beta esterification process that prolongs a time-release action up to seven days.

For athletes who want to improve their performance and increase strength and muscle mass the recommended dosage constitutes from 200 mg up to 1,000 mg per week. In this case the dosage also depends on athletes or bodybuilders results they want to achieve.

Sometimes, athletes may even divide this dosage into several lower ones and inject it two times per week instead of doing it once a week. It does not matter in which form bodybuilders administrate Testosterone Cypionate, but the cycle lasts nearly 12 weeks under normal circumstances.

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