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Innovagen Pentanon – (Sustenon) 250mg/mL (5mL)


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Innovagen Pentanonis a testosterone 5 ester blend of 250 mg/mL. The principle hormone inInnovagen Pentanons steroid connection is testosterone, thus being a base of a drug. In its structure there are 5 familiar esters, and they are as follows: acetate (30 mg), phenylproprionate (40 mg), isocaproate (40 mg), cypionate (60 mg) and decanoate (80 mg).

Acetate – the shortest half-life, which is about one day.
Phenylpropionate – half-life is 4 days.
Isocaproate half-life is 9 days.
Cypionate – the half-life constitutes 12 days.
Decanoate the longest half-life, 15 days.

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