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Innovagen Vasorome – (Anavar) 10mg (50 tablets)


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Innovagen Vasorome aka Anavar is a soft AAS which exerts a mild impact on the humans Hypothalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis. Anavar is primary component in this drug that also has a name of Oxandrolone.

Due to the fact that Oxandrolone is such a safe drug, athletes can use large doses for a lengthy cycles. It connects with the AR, but high doses are still needed. The recommended dose for men constitutes 40-60mg and for women it is 10mg every day. Innovagen Vasorome is such type of drug that may be used for a long period of time. The typical course lasts for six months. It means that during such a cycle a dose may constitute even 100mg per day. This drug is also may be taken in between long courses. Although, during these periods the advised dose constitutes about 10-20mgs per day.

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