Primobolan (Innovagen Primonabol) 10mg/50tabs


Impact of Primonabol:
– Mild anabolic effect
– The preservation of muscle mass
– Cutting, relief muscles
– A minimum rollback phenomenon after the end of the course

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Innovagen Primonabol oral (Methenolone Acetate) is an effective anabolic steroid which possesses a low androgenic activity, however, it exerts a significant anabolic impact. Methenolone is manufactured in injectable form and in the form of pills.

Primonabol stacks well with the following drugs:
– Nandrolone (an excellent and mild course with minimal rollback phenomenon)
– Testosterone (for intensive increase of mass)
– Methandrostenolone (a favorite combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger)
– Winstrol (cutting)

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